The Motor City is Rolling with Innovation

The creation of the Henry Ford assembly line in Detroit, Michigan was a pivotal development that redefined the manufacturing industry. Now, over 105 years later, Detroit is once again at the center of innovation as its payroll industry is being redefined by a new benefit called daily pay.

DailyPay allows employees to access earned but unpaid pay and receive those funds instantly into any bank account, pay card or debit card. DailyPay has recently partnered with two businesses near Metro Detroit that have embraced the revolutionary thinking of Mr. Ford, whose fearless technological advancements strengthened Detroit’s economy by creating a bustling automotive industry. 

One of the companies that has embraced DailyPay is SMR Automotive. SMR is one of the leading manufacturers of rearview mirrors in the world and a true trailblazer of utilizing emerging technology. Just like SMR, DailyPay has embraced modernization and is the leading provider of earned pay access in the U.S., but more importantly, in Michigan.

The other company that has adopted a daily pay benefit is Wireless Vision, a T-Mobile-branded retail chain with over 650 stores nationwide. Wireless Vision has been voted one of the best places to work for nine years running by emphasizing the value of the employee experience. DailyPay, which was born from the need to improve the financial wellbeing of employees, hopes to help Wireless Vision maintain their status for a tenth consecutive year. 

By helping to reduce absenteeism and employee turnover, DailyPay can help these companies thrive and help the city of Detroit to carry on Mr. Ford’s legacy of industry disruption, technological innovation and embracing modernization.