Sprinkles Puts The Frosting On The Cake By Offering DailyPay As An Employee Benefit

NEW YORK (February 12, 2019) — DailyPay, the pioneer in providing employees instant access to earned pay, today announced a national partnership with Sprinkles Bakery — known for their handcrafted desserts baked fresh daily — now with 27 locations specializing in unique confections like cupcakes, cookies, ice cream and layer cakes.


Sprinkles came to DailyPay looking for a way to incorporate more frequent pay periods for its employees as a way to reduce employee turnover and increase retention. As a result of this partnership, Sprinkles can offer its workforce a daily pay benefit that will support team members’ daily financial needs and help its workforce better cope with unexpected expenses that might fall in between pay periods.

“We wanted to give our employees access to their wages as they accrued them, without having to wait for their next regularly scheduled payday,” Sprinkles’ Vice President of HR, Marisa Eddy, said. “Our workers pour their hearts and souls into providing a world-class guest experience, as evidenced by our products and our service. If they need access to their earned pay for any reason at all, we want them to have a quick and affordable means to do that.”



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By providing access to DailyPay’s instant payment solution, Sprinkles is enabling its employees to easily transfer their earned pay to any bank account, payroll card or prepaid card, 24/7/365. Sprinkles employees that enroll in DailyPay can log in to their account to see their available balance, which updates as they complete a shift. “Employees love this feature because it allows them to track their daily earnings, making it easier to budget,” Eddy said.


Employees who decide they need to transfer some, or all, of their earned but unpaid pay simply select the amount they want to transfer and how quickly they want to receive those earnings.


“We are truly honored to partner with a progressive and fun company like Sprinkles,” DailyPay Chief Executive Officer Jason Lee said. “Their customer service is top notch because Sprinkles employees love their jobs, and that starts with Sprinkles as an organization loving its employees. We’re thrilled to be partnered with Sprinkles to bring DailyPay to its employees and to empower a true innovator in the foodservice industry.”


DailyPay is the only instant pay technology that is fully compliant in all 50 states.


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About DailyPay

DailyPay’s mission is to give employees their first step toward financial security. DailyPay is the pioneer in providing employees real-time access to earned pay across a wide range of industries, including cleaning, healthcare, retail, transportation and more. With DailyPay, employees can pay bills on time and avoid late fees, helping them reach their financial goals. Companies have reported that DailyPay increases employee engagement and retention and helps to support recruitment. DailyPay is backed by leading venture capital firms and world-class strategic investors. The company is headquartered in New York.


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About Sprinkles

Sprinkles opened its first bakery in Beverly Hills in 2005, drawing long lines of loyal fans and celebrity endorsements. Today, the company has grown to 27 locations from coast-to-coast. Passionate innovators, in 2012, Sprinkles debuted the world’s first Cupcake ATM and continued its foray into classic American desserts with the launch of Sprinkles ice cream, cookies, and layer cakes. Baked fresh in small batches throughout the day, Sprinkles are handcrafted from the finest ingredients. Sprinkles also offers a vegan, gluten free and sugar free twist on its most popular flavor – red velvet.


For more information about Sprinkles, visit Sprinkles.com



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