Shearer’s Foods, LLC. Announces Partnership with DailyPay to Offer Instant Access to Earned Pay

NEW YORK (August 6, 2019) – DailyPay, the leading provider of the daily pay benefit — a benefit offered through employers that allows employees to receive instant access to their earned pay, today announced a partnership with Shearer’s Foods, LLC., an award-winning manufacturer of high-quality snacks, including chips, crackers, cookies and wafers. Through this partnership, Shearer’s has made DailyPay available to more than 5,000 employees across 12 locations in the United States. With DailyPay, Shearer’s employees now have the financial flexibility to control the timing of their pay and to make secure, instant transfers of their earned but unpaid wages 24/7/365.


Shearer’s turned to DailyPay because the company was looking for a way to increase its recruiting and retention efforts through enhanced employee engagement, particularly among the workforce in their manufacturing facilities. In this historically competitive labor market, many businesses are looking at their benefits offerings to ensure that they are providing innovative packages that can help employees with day-to-day financial needs.


“Shearer’s strives to be the employer of choice and to enhance our team member’s experience,” Lisa George, Chief Human Resources Officer for Shearer’s Foods, said. “This new benefit helps our workforce access their earned pay, if needed, for an unexpected expense or to pay a bill on time, without incurring large fees. DailyPay is an innovative solution that delivers exactly what they need. We are excited to partner with DailyPay to help our associates have more flexible options to manage their personal finances. Empowered employees are happier and more productive, and we believe this helps to differentiate us in the marketplace.”



Shearers Employees 4



The company experienced a 15% enrollment rate after the first week of partnership with DailyPay and experienced no payroll challenges during the implementation of the program. They continue to see associate participation increase.


“Shearer’s makes some of the best snacks in the business, and that starts with the employees who care about these products and the customers who love them,” DailyPay Chief Executive Officer, Jason Lee, said. Shearer’s recognizes that to continue to produce a high-quality product, they need a high-quality employee experience that keeps everyone focused on the task at hand, and not worried about when they get paid next. We’re proud to welcome Shearer’s into the ‘DailyPay Nation’ and to serve their thousands of employees who keep America snacking.”


By offering the DailyPay on-demand payment solution, employees of Shearer’s Foods can request instant pay transfers to any bank account, payroll card, or debit card. The transfer of funds can be initiated and is fulfilled within seconds, which rewards employees for working their scheduled shifts and helps Shearer’s Foods to reduce turnover costs.


DailyPay is the only instant pay technology that is fully compliant in all 50 states.


To learn more about offering a daily pay benefit to your employees, schedule a time to talk about how DailyPay can help your business.



About DailyPay

DailyPay, the leading provider of the daily pay benefit — a benefit offered through employers that allows employees to receive instant access to their earned pay, works across a wide range of industries, including quick service restaurants, hospitality, retail, healthcare and other services. One in six Americans now has access to DailyPay through our trusted payroll service partners like Paycor, ADP, SmartLinx, Netspend and other HR and payroll technology providers who offer the daily pay product to their customers. With DailyPay, employees can pay bills on time and avoid late fees, helping them to reach their financial goals. Companies have reported that DailyPay increases employee engagement and retention and helps to support recruitment. DailyPay is backed by leading venture capital firms and world-class strategic investors. The company is headquartered in New York.


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About Shearer’s Foods, LLC.

Founded in 1974, Shearer’s is a leading co-manufacturer and private label supplier for the snack industry.  Shearer’s also manufactures and sells its own line of branded snack products on a regional basis.  Shearer’s is privately held and headquartered in Massillon, Ohio, and owns and operates 11 Global Food Safety Initiative-compliant, state-of-the-art production facilities operating in Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Ohio, Oregon, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Ontario, Can., including one of the industry’s first platinum LEED®-certified food manufacturing facilities located in Massillon, Ohio. Shearer’s has more than 5,000 associates and serves leading retailers around the world.


For more information about Shearer’s Foods, visit



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