Responding to the New Normal — WFH Culture

DailyPay is a company that works with employers all across America to enable their employees to access their pay whenever they want, without having to wait for payday. Our mission is to create a powerful employee experience with pay.

Many companies have an external mission that is amazing, but the internal culture is very different. Not at DailyPay! Our Founder and CEO, Jason Lee, is committed to ensuring that we live the experience we sell. That became very apparent when the COVID-19 crisis hit. 

A week ago, our CEO called a leadership meeting to discuss what was about to be our new normal — the need for our staff to work from home, for their safety, without letting our service slip at all. 

We took proactive measures to implement a 25% work from home test as part of our Business Continuity Plan. During this test, a few guidelines were put into place to ensure a positive experience: 

  • We designated a Head of Employee Experience to ensure we kept our employees needs top of mind
  • Every employee was assigned a virtual phone number that also supported video
  • Employees working from home still received our current $17 lunch stipend/ delivery

  • Any equipment needed for a home office was supplied
  • All in-person meetings were shifted to ensure virtual access
  • Every employee was offered DailyPay for DailyPay in case people needed early access to their earned income

When DailyPay needed to shift to a 100% work-from-home schedule, all of these perks stayed in place and we added many more: 

  • Deliverables became due on dates, not times, to accommodate for the need to work odd hours, while simultaneously managing remote schooling and other efforts.
  • Daily video check-ins were set up for 12:30 every day to keep an in-person company culture. During these meetings, we play games, create video tours of our homes, hold St. Patrick’s day spirit competitions, and have virtual watercooler conversations. 
  • We hired a virtual personal trainer to provide both fitness tips and nutritional advice.
  • Many senior execs send video updates and emails throughout the day.
  • Our many, many slack channels allow every employee to “eavesdrop” on what is happening with other groups, our client partners and more.

As we began to navigate this uncharted territory, we vowed to over-communicate and overcompensate. This is a challenging time, but one that is truly strengthening our sense of community. We will continue to monitor the individual and collective needs of our workforce throughout this process.

“The financial health of every working American is the reason we come to work every day,” said Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay, “I strive to ensure that our operations remain 100% solid during this time of crisis, and that every DailyPay employee is capable of delivering 100% of their attention to our client partners, without interruption or fail during this time. Our team has done an exceptional job in creating a communicative and positive environment, so we can all work together and create success.”

“The truth about the strength of a brand is often exposed during the most challenging of times,” said Jeanniey Walden (formerly Jeanniey Mullen), Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer of DailyPay. “DailyPay is a powerful example of what every brand should aspire to achieve. Authentic, inspirational and relatable methods, communications and employee engagement, even though our individual employees have never been physically father apart from each other, or our client partners. As we all continue to find our way through this pandemic, I am confident that the DailyPay team will emerge as a guiding light with positive impact on the future.”

“At DailyPay, we are dedicated to placing an enhanced focus on our employees’ day-to-day experiences,” said Taylor Paone, Employee Experience and Culture Manager at DailyPay. “It is my top priority to anticipate the needs of our workforce and ensure that they are having a great experience. As I walk around the office and see each of their faces, I’m able to address those needs in real time, but when we moved to virtual, I challenged myself to make it even better. We are working that much harder to make sure we strengthen our sense of community by creating a positive and enjoyable virtual environment.”