Paycor and DailyPay — Partnering to Offer Daily Pay Benefit

We are excited to announce today our partnership with Paycor — a leading provider of cloud-based human resource (HR), payroll and timekeeping software solutions for small and mid-sized U.S. businesses.


You can read the full press release here: DailyPay Partners With Paycor



How does the DailyPay and Paycor partnership work?

This partnership provides Paycor clients the opportunity to offer DailyPay to their employees,  with no required changes to existing payroll processes, including the timing of funds and withholding of taxes.


Through a custom API integration with Paycor’s payroll and time and attendance systems, Paycor can seamlessly share data with DailyPay to calculate each enrolled employee’s available balance and facilitate the instant transfer of funds when an employee requests it.



Partnering with a well-regarded HR solution provider, like Paycor, helps DailyPay to increase our reach and furthers our ability to allow employees to have greater control over the timing of their pay and to feel more financially secure.


“DailyPay partners with a variety of best-in-class organizations who share our commitment to helping employers and employees save time and money,” Jakgrid Lerdgidkjon, director of business development and partnerships at DailyPay said. “We provide our Partners with turnkey implementations, a breadth of resources and world-class technology to maximize value for our joint clients.”


We look forward to working with Paycor to help employees of its client companies to take their first steps toward financial freedom.


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