Oglebay Resort and Wheeling Park Partners With DailyPay to Offer On-Demand Pay Benefit

NEW YORK (April 30, 2019) — DailyPay, a pioneer in providing employees instant access to earned income, today announced a partnership with the Wheeling Park Commission, which is comprised of Wheeling Park and the Oglebay Resort and Conference Center offering a variety of year-round events and outdoor activities. Through this partnership, the Wheeling Park Commission has made DailyPay available to its 650 employees, including approximately 300 part-time and seasonal summer staff.

wheeling-park-district-pool-party-more-waters-timesThe Wheeling Park Commission came to DailyPay looking for an innovative benefit that would help improve workforce engagement, and reduce turnover and improve recruitment efforts.

“We’ve seen firsthand the potential power of an on-demand pay solution from DailyPay,” Karen Hess, VP of HR for the Wheeling Park Commission, said. “Recently one of our employees was able to access DailyPay and renew his driver’s license without expiration.”

By offering the DailyPay on-demand, 24/7/365 payment solution, the Wheeling Park Commission is enabling its employees to make instant pay transfers to any bank account, any payroll card or any debit card. Employees can initiate and receive a transfer of funds in seconds, which encourages employees to come to work as scheduled, and helps the Wheeling Park Commission to better engage its employees and reduce understaffing.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Wheeling Park Commission,” DailyPay Chief Executive Officer Jason Lee said. “Wheeling Park and Oglebay Resort offer so many entertaining and unique experiences to the public. Providing the DailyPay benefit, which is compliant in all 50 states, shows how much the Commission values its employees, making it easy for them to have greater control over their financial security.”

DailyPay is the only instant pay technology that is fully compliant in all 50 states. For more information, please visit DailyPay.com, or schedule a time to talk with DailyPay about how we can help your business.

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