New Research on the Changing Workforce

DailyPay’s Three-Part Webinar Series: Part I

As a part of DailyPay’s mission to provide insights and information on the new world of work, we hosted a three-part webinar series. The first webinar in this series, New Research on the Changing Workforce, focuses on the evolution that has taken place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Three industry experts weigh in to provide the most accurate information possible: Jeanniey Walden, the Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer for DailyPay, Shai Akabas, the Director of Economic Policy for the Bipartisan Policy Center, and Anthony Peculic, the VP of Operations for the Payments Division of ADP. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to help businesses succeed.

Much of their insight and research center around the financial health and wellness of the American workforce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees were forced to work reduced hours, had spouses who lost their jobs, lost their access to childcare, and experienced many other unforeseen circumstances that negatively affected their financial health. American workers are rethinking how they save because they now have experience of the economic impact an unforeseen disaster can cause. There are many ways employers can aid in this movement, which is mutually beneficial to the company and its employees.

This webinar will reveal industry secrets such as:

  • Ways HR leaders are continuing to adapt to the new hiring landscape
  • How pay innovation has evolved into a key strategy every company can use to reach a “new normal” and rebuild their business
  • How financial stability and saving trends have changed throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic

Watch this on-demand webinar to stay up to date on the best ways to keep your employees engaged and your business thriving in the uncharted territory of the new world of work.

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