Here Are Your DailyPay BINGO Clues for APA Congress 2019

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During the conference, this is where you’ll follow along to receive clues as they’re revealed. Once you have five squares in a row, bring your BINGO card to booth #453 and we’ll let you redeem your card for prizes.


You can opt-out of Bingo at any time by texting STOP to 66867. 



1) DailyPay was built with the payroll team in mind. There is no change to your current payroll system or timing of funds.


2) Fact: DailyPay’s versatility, agility, and ease of use made for a practical benefit even in the midst of a payroll transition.


3) Your team gets asked for advances, which puts payroll personnel in an awkward position. In addition, it creates tax liability for the company. With DailyPay, there’s no more paycheck advances! 


4) “Now that our employees can use DailyPay, we were able to make the change from weekly to biweekly payroll without affecting their personal finances.” – Jerry Dino, Franchise Owner, The Maids 


5) We agree. You shouldn’t run payroll daily.


6) “We’re seeing a lot of traction for instant pay apps in companies with large hourly workforces where unexpected expenses can cause big disruptions.” – Ron Hanscome, Research VP, Gartner, 2019 


7) “Once we started offering DailyPay, we never had to entertain another paycheck advance request ever again. It’s been a huge help!” – Alice Nwoke, Payroll & Benefits Manager, Shiftgig 


8) “Giving raises is expensive. Giving people quicker access to their accrued earnings doesn’t have to be.” – New York Times, 2016


9) “Due to the millennial and Gen Z makeup of the current workforce, instant access is no longer a perk – it’s expected…Their expectation regarding pay is no different.” – Media Planet, 2019


10) “The Daily Pay Movement is rapidly transforming payroll in the U.S. and showing signs of broad appeal to the millions of workers who live paycheck to paycheck.” – PRWeb, 2019  


11) DailyPay does not lend money. DailyPay provides a service to its users by making their accrued but unpaid earnings available ahead of payday. No other funds are made available to the user. 


12) “Better cash flow management and bill payments led the field for reasons why workers wanted to be paid faster…” – PYMNTS, 2019


13) “Up to a third of payroll mistakes are linked to distraction from avoidable interruptions.” – The National Academies Press, 2018 


14) “Driven by popular demand and a tight labor market, the trend in on-demand pay may be evolving into a significant element of the payroll landscape.” – Bloomberg Tax, 2019 


15) “This software was perfect for all our employees who struggled to make it the two weeks between paychecks.” – Kym Cross, Sr. Director of Payroll, G4S


16) “You can either spend more money trying to attract and retain caregivers — or you can just try to do it better. That’s where we really landed.” Rexanne Domico, President, BrightSpring, 2019


17) With DailyPay, there’s no daily deductions on gross pay (e.g. taxes, benefits, garnishments). 


18) Fact: Employees are more inclined to clock out accurately so they can access their earned but unpaid income. 


19) “I had three people that were not on direct deposit get set up with banking information just so they could use the DailyPay service.” – Nicole Lehman, Franchise Owner, The Maids


20) “…employees want to control the timing of their pay. And employers will have to meet this demand.” – APA Congress Today, 2018


20) “The payroll integration was seamless and took no effort.” – Tyler Hudgins, Corporate Accountant, Stellar Senior Living 


21) With DailyPay, there’s no daily remittance of approved income payments. 


22) “Offering DailyPay is empowering our people to be in complete control of their finances.” – Marisa Eddy, Head of HR at Sprinkles


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