Happy World Emoji Day 2019

Happy World Emoji Day from DailyPay DailyPay Favicon!


It’s that of year again when we celebrate the emojis that make our go ‘round and make us all .


We’ll bet that you use emojis at least once a day in a text message, Facebook or Instagram post, or in a Twitter tweet. Let’s face it — emojis are a quick and easy way to describe how you’re feeling, in not so many words!


Some interesting stats from the World Emoji Day website:

  • On Facebook, people are using the ❤️ emoji twice as much as they did last year
  • Over 900M emojis are sent every day, without text, on Facebook Messenger
  • More than 700M emojis are used in Facebook posts every day
  • 86% of emoji users on Twitter are 24 or younger
  • 57% of emoji users on Twitter are women
  • The most used emoji on Twitter is (face with tears of joy)

Here at DailyPay, we love emojis too because our partner’s employees use them to transfer some of their earned income before payday. And that makes us happy because they’re actually saving money by paying a bill on time and not incurring a late fee or overdraft charge, or even worse, having to resort to a payday loan to meet an unexpected expense.


DailyPay Emojis were launched in 2017. For each emoji texted, we transfer $20 instantly from an employee’s balance, if available. So one emoji = $20, two emojis = $40, with a max of five emojis or $100. 


When we first beta-tested DailyPay Emojis, the most popular ones were the (probably for a housing payment) and the . Last year, we reported that these were the top five emojis used for transfer requests:


An infographic showing the top emojis used on the DailyPay platform to gain instant access to earned wages.



We also found that 68% of text emoji users were MAGGIEs (Millennials and Gen Z who Get Instant Everything). MAGGIEs just ❤️ to use emojis everywhere, so it just makes sense that they use them to transfer their earned income when they need to!


This year, the top five emojis used for transfer requests so far have been:


The top five emojis used on the DailyPay platform for on-demand pay.

The top two are the same as last year’s, so it looks like requesting a transfer of funds before payday evokes feelings of joy! Since the start of the year, we’ve processed 63,567 total emoji transfers by text that have amounted to a whopping $3,275,908!


The top industries that use emojis for transfers according to our research are QSR, health care, on-demand, hospitality and security. If you want to see a quick video on how it works, well we’ve got that too:


YouTube video



Hope you have a very Happy World Emoji Day. Oh and fun fact: the reason it’s July 17th is that’s the date on the calendar emoji!