Future of Work: The Intersection of HR and Marketing

Recently I presented at the @OnCon conference in Orlando, Florida. I discussed the impact of Millennials and Gen Z in the workplace and how their presence challenges us, as leaders, to rethink every aspect of the employee experience. I was joined by peers in Marketing who represent the world’s leading companies from PWC to Marriott International. While passionate discussions about brand, demand generation and digital were creating tremendous conversation, right next door, that same level of passion and fervor was happening with HR leaders representing the world’s leading companies from SAP to UPS.

The discussion I led took place with both HR and Marketing leaders. And guess what? My single presentation was just as critically relevant to both groups of leaders, even though some of the takeaways were different. Observing this collective acceptance of the need to create an experiential workplace was exhilarating. It was at this moment when I realized that the evolution of “experience” has created a unique intersection of marketing and HR that could forever change the way we think about our employees. By the end of the event I created these key realities for HR and Marketing leaders in the new decade:

  • HR Reality #1: Your employee is your customer. Gone are the days when the employer dictates how the work environment looks and feels. Today’s employee has been spoiled by the incredible strides marketers have made in creating over-the-top customer experiences, and those demands have moved into the workplace.
  • HR and Marketing Reality #2: Your buyer/employee is most likely a MAGGIE (Millennial And GenZ – who Get Instant Everything) and if your brand experience, both in and outside of your company, does not facilitate on-demand everything, you are missing the boat!
  • Marketing Reality #3: That a website is meant to be so much more than just a vehicle for demand generation and purchasing. It is the main influencer in your company’s new hire strategy. So be careful as you build your brand — you will attract talent based on that.
  • HR and Marketing Reality #4: Everything is an experience now (yes, even coffee). Email me if you want the slides from the presentation, but start with the most rote thing you can think of and create an experience out of it. That effort will open your eyes to enable you to revisit everything you are doing to attract and keep both customers and employees. You will be surprised at the size of the to-do list that will fall out from there.

At the end of the event, I was honored and thrilled to learn that both my marketing peers and HR experts had voted DailyPay as a top 25 HCM technology. Our progressive thinking and data-driven insights led us to win this award and I can’t wait to see what’s next.