DailyPay Offers Early Access To Earnings At No Charge To Those Impacted By Hurricane Florence

DailyPay exists to serve our partners and their employees by enabling financial security through instant access to earned income. We will be waiving all fees and offer free access to earned income for employees of our partners headquartered in the Carolinas as they recover from Hurricane Florence.


Natural disasters can easily overturn any family’s finances. They certainly do not discriminate when it comes to victims. The long road to recovery following a hurricane is not equal. The costs associated with these events are not evenly distributed and often hit lower income families the hardest. Our mission, as a company, is to enable our users to be financially secure — no matter the situation.


Lizard’s Thicket, a well known South Carolina-based quick service restaurant chain, is one example of a DailyPay partner whose employees have been affected by the hurricane. We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Lizards Thicket as they reopen their doors to diners in need of a familiar, home-cooked southern meal. DailyPay alleviates financial stress by enabling employees to meet their unplanned expenses, notably those caused by this natural disaster.


“Financial security is our number one priority, and we are proud to offer free access to earned income as employees of our valued partners get back on their feet,” said Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay. “This was a very easy decision to make. Hurricane Florence has displaced thousands of people and wreaked havoc in the region. Our hearts go out to those impacted,” said Lee.