DailyPay: Making a Difference, Changing Lives Every Day

Here at DailyPay, we love seeing the impact that our solution has on people’s lives. The ability for employees to access their pay early for a simple ATM-like fee helps them to get gas to get to work, pay bills, avoid overdraft fees, and buy groceries to put food on the table for their families.

Often, we receive unsolicited videos from these employees, thanking us for helping them to meet their financial obligations, even giving us specific examples of situations in which DailyPay saved their day!

Every Monday, we receive a new “DailyPay in Action” video that features one of our end-users telling their DailyPay story. These videos keep the team here at DailyPay focused and driven to deliver this life-changing benefit to as many people as we can.

Here are a few testimonials from employees of our current partners, including BrightSpring Health (formerly known as ResCare), CommuniCare and G4S Secure Solutions.