How Christian Horizons Used DailyPay to Improve Employee Engagement

Similar to many of their peers in the senior care industry, Christian Horizons was plagued by high employee turnover rates—the industry average is about 80-90%.

High turnover creates staffing gaps which lead to a multitude of issues:

High attrition is one of the most expensive problems a business can have. The average cost to replace an employee is between $2,500 and 3,000. With a staff of nearly 2000, a 90% turnover rate costs Christian Horizons hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Christian Horizons needed to retain existing employees and improve employee engagement while remaining conscious of their bottom line
Senior Living Center
Attrition was an ongoing problem for Christian Horizons and the continuous staffing gaps were becoming increasingly damaging.
Introducing DailyPay allowed employees to access their wages faster, which improved turnover and engagement without adjusting the current payroll process
St. Louis, MO

The Challenges of adjusting payroll

Christian Horizons’ CEO, Jake Bell, requested changing their payroll schedule from bi-weekly to weekly in an effort to maintain healthy staff levels. Unfortunately, they quickly found the process was too costly.

Each time payroll is run for their staff of 2100, Christian Horizons has to pay a per employee fee, which usually ranges from $1.60-$5. Adding 26 runs of payroll meant inflating the cost of payroll significantly.

Christian Horizons also knew that their existing staff wouldn’t be able to handle the additional administrative tasks, which meant even more expenses to consider.

Alternatives to changing payroll processes

Rather than moving forward with payroll changes, Christian Horizons tested a mentor program. Essentially, new hires were paired with longer-tenured staff members to guide them to improve the training process. After a 90-day period, mentors were rewarded with a bonus.

“We spent a great deal of money on the program and it didn’t move the needle one bit on turnover,” according to Chuck Schmitz, CFO of Christian Horizons.

That’s when they decided to try something different.


Christian Horizons offers its employees a flexible-pay service via DailyPay, which allows nurses and assisted living professionals the ability to withdraw wages before payday.Introducing DailyPay

Christian Horizons knew access to money was important, and while the mentor program offered access to more money, it did not provide faster access to it.

After seeing DailyPay’s product discussed on a CBS news segment, they learned about on-demand payments as a solution for employee engagement and retention.

[WATCH: Daily Pay Apps Allow Workers To Tap Into Current Earnings Ahead Of Payday]

That’s when the dots connected.

Christian Horizons had previously noticed that their staff occasionally relied on payday loans to make ends meet. Unfortunately, some of the payday loans would end in wage garnishment, which Christian Horizons was required to acknowledge.

If Christian Horizons could offer their employees faster access to wages, they could decrease or eliminate the need for payday loans and their stressful aftermath.

According to a recent International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans survey, personal financial issues:

  • Increase stress among 76% of employees
  • Limit the ability to focus at work for 60% of workers
  • Increase absenteeism and tardiness by 34% 

And because financial stress directly impacts job performance, turnover and employee engagement had a chance to improve once it was negated.

The logic made sense to Christian Horizons, so they moved forward with DailyPay.

They initially piloted just one of the 13 locations, and then, after a 45-day window, Christian Horizons rolled DailyPay out to their entire network. Now, every staff member has access to the benefit, including corporate office staff.

Results: DailyPay helps decrease employee turnover

Christian Horizons’s DailyPay adoption rate is currently at approximately 31%

More importantly, over a four-month period, Christian Horizons reported that DailyPay helped reduced turnover by 7.2% and, month-over-month, its turnover rate continues to decrease.

By the one-year mark, DailyPay estimates that Christian Horizons will save more than $531,240 by reducing turnover and decreasing its number of new hires.

One of the major concerns Christian Horizons had upon releasing DailyPay was that their employees would take too much out of their paycheck. Again, the point of the benefit was faster access to money to avoid unnecessary late fees or interest rates from payday loans, not worsening someone’s financial situation.

DailyPay’s app and account balance dashboard present a clear picture of money available and what percentage of one’s paycheck that is.

After months of paying close attention to how his staff used DailyPay, Schmitz said “No one has had an unpleasant surprise when they receive their paycheck.” Additionally, usage trend reports show that income level had no impact on DailyPay’s popularity, even the highest earning employees use DailyPay.

The average withdrawal from DailyPay users is $66, and upon payday, the average user still receives 51.9% of their paycheck.

How DailyPay worked with Christian Horizons’ payroll infrastructure

Prior to signing up with DailyPay, Christian Horizons did their due diligence by:

  • Vetting DailyPay for data security and compliance
  • Syncing with their HR team to ensure the benefit made sense for the staff
  • Researching how DailyPay would offer continued support to the team
  • Ensuring their IT team’s involvement in the program would be minimal

It all checked out. Apart from upfront data exchanges, DailyPay has become inherently a part of of Christian Horizon’s payroll, allowing them to benefit from the best parts of payroll—paying employees daily—without the worst part of payroll: running payroll daily.

This is because DailyPay funds all employee advances off its own balance sheet.  There is no change to how Christian Horizon’s runs payroll, including the timing of payroll funds. As a result, there is also no change to the timing of the related tax withholding filings and DailyPay assumes assumes 100% of the risk on errors and/or fraud as opposed to other daily payment benefit options out there.

Looking Toward the Future

The network of nurses and caregivers employed by Christian Horizons can use the DailyPay payday app to transfer earned but unpaid wages.Now that the millennial demographic is the largest in the workforce, and as boomers continue to retire, Christian Horizons has shifted their focus toward catering to their millennial staff’s needs.

“We’re looking at the millennials, and they are very comfortable with their phones. We’re trying to incorporate that more in healthcare which has been taboo in the past,” says Schmitz, “We’re trying to be out in front of that.”

DailyPay’s digital interface was impressive to Schmitz and his team. They want to continue to further the technology in their workplace, too. They are currently beta testing an internal referral program.


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