Mt. Olympus Optimized Employee Recruiting in the Hospitality Industry With An On-Demand Pay Benefit

One of America’s largest theme park resorts uses an on-demand payment solution to boost employee recruiting


Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park is located in Wisconsin Dells and is known to many as the waterpark capital of the world.


Every year companies are faced with challenges of recruiting the right candidates and retaining existing employees. High employee turnover hurts a company’s bottom line and in the amusement park industry, it costs over $4000 to replace a single employee.


In addition to costing companies an enormous amount of time and money, turnover reduces productivity with new hires needing one to two months on average to leverage reasonable productivity.



Creative Recruiting Ideas for Amusement Parks


Mt. Olympus has two pain-points in the highly competitive hiring market:

  • Attracting seasonal employees for the busy summer season that requires full capacity operations. These employees are paid hourly and are primarily high school and college students with a high absenteeism rate and a high rate of switching jobs.
  • Retaining non-seasonal consistent employees, which is an operational requirement for success all year round. These employees are paid hourly and show a high turnover rate considering the many other theme park employment options in the area.

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Mt. Olympus implemented an effective recruiting and retention strategy by working with DailyPay to bring the best part of payroll for employees—their money—without the worst part for employers—changing the payroll process.


DailyPay has a unique technology that allows a Mt. Olympus employee to access earned, but unpaid income before payday. For Mt Olympus, DailyPay provides a win-win solution where employees who sign-up for DailyPay can begin working toward financial security. This promise of fiscal peace-of-mind incentivizes employees to stay longer at Mt. Olympus, curbing turnover.


The Results:

  • 38% of eligible employees have signed up for DailyPay
  • 100% retention rate for both seasonal and non-seasonal employees since the implementation of DailyPay 


A mega theme park destination with 44 water slides, 4 rollercoasters, 7 go-kart tracks, and a full-service hotel all in one place.


Amusement Park


The Problem
The Dells area has the largest concentration of water parks in the world, which makes attracting and retaining employees as well as reducing turnover very challenging in this highly competitive hiring market.


The Solution
Offer DailyPay as part of payroll benefits to attract seasonal employees and reduce turnover and absenteeism for non-seasonal employees by providing them with secure access to their pay before payday for financial security.


Cost to UCode

There are no fees for employers to offer DailyPay


Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin






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