DoorDash Boosts Its Bottom Line and Reduces Employee Turnover

[UPDATE: As of July 2018, DoorDash and DailyPay are no longer partners, and DoorDash’s daily pay program is now run by DoorDash. Please direct all customer support inquiries to Door Dash customer support.]


Employee churn and lack of engagement are a massive drawback for the company’s annual profits and tend to cause a dent in the bottom line.

The turnover rate can average 15% in most large and midsize companies and in industries relying on contract delivery drivers, sky-high rates averaging 300% are not uncommon.


Employee retention and engagement are expensive problems and some of the biggest challenges facing industries depending on a consistent flow of contract delivery drivers. It costs money to recruit and onboard new hires and whenever a company loses a driver, money is spent on recruiting and training the new employee.


DoorDash is a technology company using logistics services for on-demand food delivery relying primarily on driver supply. Drivers in the food delivery space show high turnover due to several employment options and physical labor-intensive skills are easily transferable to competing companies.


DoorDash partnered with DailyPay to improve:

  • Driver engagement and company loyalty
  • Driver retention in a market with a lot of competition and price

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