WEBINAR: Beyond Financial Wellness: Why Every CHRO Needs a Chief Payroll Officer

Payroll leaders are looking to power their organization, build employee trust, increase productivity, enforce compliance security, and improve the bottom line in their companies. Advances in technology, especially in FinTech, can meet so many of these needs.

This webinar features the invaluable advice of Jeanniey Walden (formerly Jeanniey Mullen), Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay and Laura Burgess, Senior Director of HR Operations and Talent Acquisition at Vista Outdoor. They discuss the importance of providing employees a flexible pay experience that is on par with the convenient, personalized, instantaneous experiences they are having outside the office. Especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is underway, there are a tremendous number of new pay codes and multiple worker classifications listed here. Many companies are offering paid time off, furlough pay and hazard pay, all of which are much easier to manage with a pay experience solution in place.

Today’s workers, especially millennial and Gen Z employees, value experiences far more than material things, which is a cultural shift that employers should be aware of when providing benefits to their workforce. A flexible, personalized pay experience should be an integral aspect of work, whether the employees are gig workers or traditional full-time employees.

Jeanniey and Laura provided a deep dive into the improvements to productivity and company culture that arise from implementing a pay on demand benefit. Primarily, it deepens the bond between employers and employees in unprecedented ways by building trust and security. It can also increase financial awareness and wellness by providing employee users with helpful savings tools and budgeting tips. The best part of implementing an on-demand pay benefit is that it will help you improve your employee experience and empower your employees to harness the power of their pay.

Tune in to learn more about how a daily pay benefit can change your employees’ lives!

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