3 Reasons Why Being at HR Tech is Important


We’re heading to HR Tech at the Venetian in Las Vegas for October 1 – October 4, and we’re excited to be there for the second time! This is the event that everyone in the HR technology community looks forward to each year because it presents a fantastic opportunity to network and to learn about innovative “must-have” HR technology solutions that make life easier for busy HR professionals.


So why do we think it’s so important for solution providers and HR Technology professionals/end-users to attend? Quite a few reasons actually, but we narrowed it down to three — so see if these resonate with you as well. 


1.  HR Tech introduces some of the most innovative HR technology solutions — emerging tech that helps HR to embrace

    the Future of Work. Here are a few companies that you should be really excited to check out:

  • Yello has a new talent acquisition platform that simplifies the hiring process, helps to build better relationships and reduces time-to-hire. Yello’s solutions help employers to find, engage and advance top talent to move them through the hiring process, with highly personalized candidate experiences. Yello’s platform is easy to use, enabling recruiters to collaborate with one another to attract and engage top talent — maximizing employers’ ROI and hard-cost savings.
  • Alight, a leading provider of human capital solutions, helps clients navigate the complexity of health, wealth and HR. This is a company that, with 25 years in the industry, continues to innovate in order to continually improve its offerings and empower its clients to make better health and wellness, financial, wealth and HR management decisions.
  • DailyPay, a finalist for “Next Great HR Technology” at last year’s HR Tech event, continues to grow and scale, in both employee size and the number of active partners. The leading provider of the daily pay benefit — a benefit offered through employers that allows employees to receive instant access to their earned pay before payday — DailyPay works across a wide range of industries and currently has 115 partners and 500,000 active employee users.


2.  Discussions about ways to improve recruitment and increase retention


This discussion takes place every year at HR Tech and similar conferences, and yet it’s obvious that something isn’t working because companies are still struggling to retain workers.


Millennials and Gen Z make up the largest percentage of the workforce, and they have very different needs and expectations that are quickly changing the future of work. Some of the benefits they are looking for won’t work in specific work environments — benefits like flexible work schedules or working remotely a couple of days a week. And pay raises aren’t always possible. In a tight labor market, it’s even more critical to identify benefits that this demographic needs to stay with your company.


It’s time for HR to start looking at longer-term, sustainable recruitment and retention strategies, like a daily pay benefit, for example, that provides workers with access to earned wages, on-demand.



3.  HR strategies that are proven to increase ROI


Everyone knows you can’t just keep trying out new strategies without also showing measurable results. In terms of HR technologies, anything that a company adds has to show reliable and measurable ROI — with results that will show the C-suite that HR is using company capital wisely and judiciously. Some best-in-class HR technology companies offer software solutions that easily and seamlessly integrate with other solutions to create a world-class HR tech stack. 



We hope you’re looking forward to seeing all the incredible new HR technology solutions — we know we sure are!



Want to talk to us at HR Tech? Schedule your time here and be sure to stop by Booth 1128 to say hello!