Benefits of adding DailyPay ExtendPX to your HCM platform

Want to offer on-demand pay to your customers through a customized API integration with DailyPay? Now you can with DailyPay ExtendPX! Why build it when we already have?

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What’s Inside

On-demand pay is the hottest innovation in payroll and HR today. Many payroll/HCM companies are building their own solutions, but we have one that you can easily embed into the platform you already offer to your customers through a custom API. 

With ExtendPX you can expand your relationships with your customers’ employees through a full end-to-end pay experience that is embedded into the applications you already provide. ExtendPX makes it easier than ever to do this through a customizable API integration with DailyPay, eliminating the hassle of having to build this functionality on your own.

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  • Increase Per Employee Per Month (PEPM)
  • Boost net new business sales
  • Double your customer retention

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