How Employers Can Be Sympathetic to Financial Hardship

We’ve written about how the lack of financial security is a catalyst of increased turnover, absenteeism, and overall financial unwellness. It’s easy to read about financial insecurity and not link the struggles to the employees who work at your organization. But, it is more than likely a percentage of your workers are currently struggling to make ends meet.

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5 Reasons Why Employees Quit

Employee turnover is expensive, and in many industries, the cost of losing good workers is rising. Tight labor markets, and young employees job hopping at an increased rate are two proven contributors to turnover increases. Turnover is a meaningful expense for companies who constantly have to recruit new employees and bear the cost of that employee ramping up and becoming productive. According to Glassdoor, it took an average of 52 days and $4,000 to fill an open position in 2016. To keep workers engaged, employers must take special steps to ensure their employees are as productive as possible. For example, employers can implement employee listening strategies or they can promote financial wellness strategies amongst employees.

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