Ambassador Program

Ambassadors are key players at DailyPay. You're in charge of growing DailyPay in your community, with the flexibility of promoting on your own schedule. Ambassadors receive swag, and exciting materials to help them spread the word. And of course, they get rewarded with referral bonus money!

Become a DailyPay Ambassador

What it means to be a DailyPay ambassador?

What does an ambassador do?

  • DailyPay Ambassadors are brand advocates. We want you to spread the word about DailyPay in your community and refer people with your unique referral code.
  • You wear DailyPay swag around town. Rock our awesome T-shirt, Car sticker and hand out your personalized business cards!
  • Give feedback and brainstorm with the DailyPay Community Team.

What do ambassadors get?

  • Opportunities to make cash! $100 per new Restaurant signup and $20 per new Driver. Referral bonuses allocated following new user getting 15 payments.
  • Marketing & sales material, including referral cards.
  • Tips and tricks on how to help you refer new DailyPay Clients.
  • Early access to new product features and updates.
  • Opportunities to be nominated and featured for an upcoming Fan Love Friday post.
  • Bragging rights - Why not put “DailyPay Client Ambassador” in your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles!?

How do I qualify?

  • You’re currently a DailyPay Client and are in good standing with us.
  • You’ve successfully referred at least 4 new DailyPay Clients.

Hear from our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are connectors that spread our mission in communities and help us grow through word of mouth. They are true partners, providing DailyPay with feedback and recruiting new Clients.