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At DailyPay, we are building a new financial system that starts with on-demand pay so that money is always in the right place at the right time, for everyone. Our best-in-class, trusted, first-of-its-kind technology platform dynamically changes how money moves — changing pay, for good.

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Unlock rich, transformative value through our products and services—powered by our proprietary platform.

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It’s Paying Off

Our platform forever changes the way money moves between employer and employee, between merchant and shopper, between financial institution and customer.


saved per year by employees using the DailyPay benefit.


of the Fortune 200, who offer On-Demand Pay, use DailyPay.


increase in employee’s tenure by using DailyPay.

Tens of millions

On-Demand Payments made in 2020

The DailyPay Platform Powers a Proven Suite of Products

Discover the endless possibilities of pay with our flagship set of on-demand pay products. Powered by our dynamic platform, our PayEx® product suite leverages the power of our proprietary Pay Balance to transform your employees’ daily earnings into something usable, consumable, spendable and saveable.


Money in the right place at the right time—our PAY product enables your employees to view, access and use 100% of their money as they earn it, with no changes to the way you run payroll. Fully accessible, accurate and compliant.

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DailyPay’s SAVE product transforms the way your employees save. With three ways to save money before payday, employees don’t pay any fees, ever, to start saving as soon as they start working. A product that starts working, the moment work starts.

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Transform employee engagement and retention by reimagining the way employee rewards and bonus payments move. Our REWARD product enables you to simply and instantly send fully compliant spot bonuses. No delays, no system changes—that can be very rewarding.

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Remove one of the most burdensome experiences in the payments disbursement process. With CYCLE, you can make off-cycle payments anytime, anywhere, quickly and easily. Our CYCLE product enables you to be fully compliant while providing a hassle-free, efficient and cost-effective experience—all at the touch of a button.

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45% or higher reduction in employee turnover
$1,205 savings in employee overdraft fees

Everyone Wins

Leveraging our first-of-its-kind platform, our on-demand pay product is the first step in building a financial system that puts money in the right place at the right time. Our platform transforms the way money moves, while integrating effortlessly with your existing systems with no changes to your payroll process. Bolstered by our industry-leading balance sheet, the result is unmatched compliance and measurable value for years to come.

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Money in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Our platform changes the way money moves between employer and employee, merchant and shopper, financial institution and customer.

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Data Integration

Our massive, efficient and intelligent data network consists of millions of employees, and tens of millions of their time and attendance, payroll and HR data points. As we plug into more HR data through our employer relationships, our network becomes smarter with each payment.

Capital Infrastructure

We deploy a unique funding model (that we invented) that leverages our deep heritage in financial engineering. Our capital infrastructure minimizes any change management or additional implementation and execution burden.

Dynamic Payment Technology

DailyPay has built proprietary routing and payment technologies that connect securely and modularly to over 6,000 endpoints in the banking system. This technology offers the utmost flexibility for your employees to consume, spend, save and use their Pay Balance.

Real Results. Real Stories.

Redefining Pay,
in Real Time

For too long, the way money moves has been controlled by an invisible set of rules—rules that make all of our lives harder. We are building a better financial system. Join us. Let’s redefine those rules, starting with pay.

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